Start your journey to crypto success securely with Ledger.com/start. Learn how to protect your investments and thrive in the digital economy.

What is Ledger.com/start used for?

Ledger.com/start is the initial setup page for Ledger hardware wallets. It guides users through the process of initializing their Ledger device, including steps for installing Ledger Live (the companion application), updating firmware, and securely setting up wallet recovery phrases.

Is Ledger safe to use?

Ledger is considered safe and is among the leading hardware wallet options for storing cryptocurrencies. It offers several security features:

  • Offline Storage: Keeps your private keys offline, away from online hacks.

  • Secure Chip: Uses secure chips similar to those in passports and credit cards.

  • Backup and Recovery: Provides a recovery phrase for backup in case of device loss or damage.

However, users must follow best practices for security, like keeping the recovery phrase secure and never sharing it online.

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